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Cramping at 4 or 5 DPO. I will try to keep this short, but for anyone willing to read it all and respond is greatly appreciated!! I used the ClearBlue digital advance ONE time and it said peak fertility we BD the day after and then 12/4/21 I took a pregnancy test and it was positive. I had my 12 week appt 1/24/22 and found out I had a MMC and ...Hi all. I have had clear stretchy CM since yesterday at 4DPO continuing into today at 5DPO. Has anyone had this happen? Sign of a BFP?

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hi all i am very new to this posting so please bear with me. ok i recieved a + opk on april 4 2009 i believe i ovulated on the 5th. after ovulation i checked my cm and it was very dry and sticky, i am now 5 dpo and i checked my cm and it was very wet and slippery like lotion and there was alot of it %-) my breast have been sore and i wanted to cry lastnight for no …The watery CM was so much, I had to change underwear... at 14 DPO, I got a BFP. Good luck! s. ScissorKite. Posted 10-21-09.Nausea. Nausea is a well-known early sign of pregnancy, although pregnancy or morning sickness doesn't usually kick in for a few more weeks.If you also experience constipation symptoms or indigestion at 8 DPO, this could be linked to a surge in your hormones.. Breast pain. Again, changing hormone levels following implantation can make your breasts feel extra sore around 8 DPO.Hello! Can I join?? 5dpo I think. Majorly symptom spotting! Have felt a few crampy twinges but I think I get that a bit post O anyway. Slightly different symptoms have been prickly nipples (starting today); wave of dizzy (yesterday) and metallic taste (today). Obviously probs nothing and just me being super 👀 👀 👀!!87. Reaction score. 0. Nov 10, 2013. #1. Hi everyone, I am 4 dpo and feeling very wet means getting watery like CM throughout the day and also feeling dull cramps in abdomen and back ache. Feeling tired as well. I never felt like this in my luteal phase.O day: ewcm; bloating; intense right ovary pain (had to use a heat pad all night) 1dpo: body aches. 2dpo: ewcm; cramps & backache. 3dpo: feeling happy; progesterone blood test came back at 18.7. 4dpo: bloating; nausea; acne; heartburn in PM; super rosy cheeks. 5dpo: sticky white cm; nausea; +sexdrive & +appetite; fatigue; achy; dizzy; super ...Jun 27, 2015 · CreamY CM. 5dpo - rise im temp, slight cramps last seconds through out the day. Cervix feels soft, wet, but high and firm. Cervix feels soft, wet, but high and firm. Walls of vagina are closed in ... Thirty centimeters is almost as long as a one-foot ruler. One centimeter is equivalent to 0.0328083989501 feet; thus, 30 centimeters is equal to 0.984251968504 feet. The converted ...The amount of mucus will increase to levels that are similar to ovulation levels. You'll experience a mucus that contains far more water (98%) and that is more viscid. The goal of the mucus at ...Days 10-13: Just before ovulation, you may notice white or cloudy discharge, which may be stretchy. Days 13-16: On the point of ovulation and in the days leading up, you will see clear, stretchy discharge, similar to egg whites in consistency. Days 14-20: Around the time of ovulation (which is different for everyone, but around 13 to 20 days ...I had far more symptoms with Baby #1. Cramping, fatigue, Sore Boobs, Hunger, Frequent urination, headache. #2 ended up in a MC in March but symptoms were: Fatigue, Sore Boobs, Hunger, Frequent urination and extreme thirst. #3 which is my current pregnancy. I had hardly any symptoms.Great thread! I had a + OPK on 8th of Feb and I twinges on 9th so I am going with the 9th as my O date. So symptoms: 1dpo - nothing 2dpo - nothing 3dpo - cramping, lotion like cm, stuffy nose 4dpo - strong cramping, tiredness, increased appetite, headache, stuffy nose lotion cm 5dpo - as above but add sore throat and major headache 6dpo - …Dec 23, 2015 · Hopefully you're on your way. I tried to find exact statistics by dpo, but generalities are all I could come up with. I just keep seeing- 5 dpo or before: Too Early, 6 dpo: Less Common, 7 dpo: Common, 8 dpo: Common, 9 dpo: Most Common, 10 dpo: Common, 11 dpo: Common, 12 dpo: Less Common. 5dpo white/clear stretchy cm. l. Loujef35. Posted 05-02-18. Hi all , just wanted some thoughts. For the last 3 months my periods have been 30 days exact. So this cycle I should be around 4dpo but ...Does pink CM at 5 dpo mean anything? Or am I just going a little bananas with my symptom spotting during the TWW? Advertisement Coins. 0 coins. Premium Powerups Explore Gaming. Valheim Genshin Impact Minecraft Pokimane Halo Infinite Call of Duty: Warzone Path of Exile Hollow Knight: Silksong Escape from Tarkov Watch Dogs: Legion. Sports. NFL ...Haleytivet said: I also agree. You will typically dry up right after ovulation but some will experience creamy cm right after ewcm then go dry for a few days. For both my BFP's (Both ended in miscarriage) I had dried up directly after ovulation then and then on/off watery and then around 16 dpo I started with the creamy cm again...In summary, here are the differences in cervical mucus during ovulation vs. cervical mucus a day after ovulation. CM during ovulation. CM a day or more after ovulation. Stretchy, egg white vaginal mucus. It is more likely to be clear in color. Dry, slightly thick from a day post ovulation is over. It can be creamy yellow or pearl whitish …Creamy cm. 5dpo.. Headache. Few little niggley cramps. Cm starting to dry up. 6dpo.. Feeling very irritated today. Headache. Cm fairly dry. Boobs a little tender. 7dpo.. VERY sharp pain around uterus area but only lasted couple of seconds, dull ache on and off all day, tender boobs, a gush of clear slippery cm a teeny bit stretchy but dtd last ...9dpo clear watery cm. lauren535399. Inactive. Posted 01-09-18. From 5dpo-8dpo it gas been thick white cm kinda of creamy and out of nowhere today it is clear and watery is that a good or bad sign ...CM question 5dpo. I ovulated on/around March 20th, BD'D 2 days before twice and the evening of 2x. Today I am 5dpo and noticed when I went to the restroom a lot (I mean A LOT) of creamy white CM. TMI: I wiped and within seconds it was coming out again quickly.Hi! I'm 6 DPO today. I've had on and off cramping since O. Today I noticed a creamy lotion discharge when checking. Is this normal? Has anyone experienced this? Thank you! Sorry for the photo.Hi all, I swore to myself this time I wasn't going to symptom spot :- ( but u know what it's like lol. I am 5dpo today. Ovulation confirmed with opk and temps. This morn I woke up with cold symptoms they have somewhat faded now but I have been havin like a dull ache /pain in my pubic area slightly to the left hand side and a bit of back ache..I have never gotten very much CM.. only tiny amounts througDec 7, 2023. 9 min read. Key takeaways: Your cervix O day: ewcm; bloating; intense right ovary pain (had to use a heat pad all night) 1dpo: body aches. 2dpo: ewcm; cramps & backache. 3dpo: feeling happy; progesterone blood test came back at 18.7. 4dpo: bloating; nausea; acne; heartburn in PM; super rosy cheeks. 5dpo: sticky white cm; nausea; +sexdrive & +appetite; fatigue; achy; dizzy; super ... Mar 8, 2016 at 6:10 PM. @jlzagorski, I did! last weekend I ha 1 dpo- nothing 2 dpo- nothing 3 dpo- headache in the front of my head 4 dpo- headache white creamy cm soft cervix 5 dpo- stretchy white creamy cm, kinda of gross 6 dpo- cervix high soft swollen cranky 7 dpo- woke up vomitting, headache, room spinning, still soft cervix 8 dpo- food aversions, headache, cranky, periodically nausious, cervix high ... 5 dpo share symptoms. Lots of achy cramps that feel more like ovulatio

EWCM @ 8 DPO? i. ijaneo. Apr 20, 2020 at 7:09 PM. Hi guys, I've noticed something weird today when I wipe. Normally i'm pretty dry after ovulation which I still kind of am except some liquidy/creamy cm at 6dpo (very small amount but noticed on toilet paper and liner). Today when I wiped, there was a small amount of white/yellowish cm that when ...5dpo feeling sharp twinges. 5dpo, yesterday and today I’ve been feeling sharp isolated twinges on my right side of my uterus, I also know exactly when I ovulated due to testing and I can also feel when I ovulate…which felt my right ovary ovulate this month. Definitely feeling like this is it and I’m beginning to implant.632. Reaction score. 0. Sep 2, 2013. #2. I'm 5dpo, as well. I've had lots of creamy CM so far, and by lots I mean I have to go out and get panty liners because its getting obnoxious. Other than that, I've had very sore nipples and my lower back is very crampy and achey. It's 3:20 am here and I'm wide awake (have been for the past hour because I ...Jul 30, 2011. #11. brookettc3 said: Well ladies implantation does and can occur at 5DPO I decided to test today and.... That is awesome for you!! Congrats!! You have given me hope! I am 4 dpo and had a dip this morning. I've felt bummed all day!!

I am 5dpo today and have been having some lighter/dull cramping off and on since late last night. AF is due 8/16. We are ttc #2 and im not really sure what to…Women experience symptoms when the pregnancy hormone levels rise; in rare cases, five dpo symptoms are the earliest to show. Implantation symptoms include implantation cramps and implantation bleeding. Implantation cramping can sometimes feel like a slight twinge or even a full-on cramp similar to period cramps.…

Reader Q&A - also see RECOMMENDED ARTICLES & FAQs. Then yesterday, late afternoon on 4dpo, I had spott. Possible cause: May 26, 2022 · Lauren L (114) TMI PHOTO ATTACHED. Hi everyone so I'm current.

Jan 25, 2023 · What does 5 DPO mean? 5 DPO is simply a shorter way of saying “five days post ovulation”. The phrase is commonly used among couples who are tracking ovulation in order to get pregnant. While it is possible to technically be pregnant at 5 DPO, it is not possible to test for pregnancy at this time. 4 dpo - very faint achy feeling in bbs, small amount of white creamy CM. 5 dpo - gassy, bubbly belly, backache, white creamy cm. 6 dpo - felt sickly in the AM, gas pains, very soft stool, white creamy cm, twinges in uterus. 7 dpo - sides of bbs are sore, off and on, cramps. 8 dpo - white creamy cm, vivid dream.

5dpo today, anyone else? So this was my 3rd cycle since my January MMC and I had a pretty regular cycle. I am 5dpo today, but I have no symptoms. No CM, just slight cramping here and there. I mean, what are the chances? I know it’s easy to symptom pick and I’m trying not too Did anyone else have no symptoms during the two week wait? ...1dpo - ovary pain, lots of cm. 2dpo - woke in early hours with stabbing pain in right side, start of tender boobs, sneezing lots, tired and slightly nauseous. 3dpo - dull ache across abdomen like af, tender breasts near armpits, slightly nauseous still and very bunged up. Could barely breath through my nose this morning.Mar 24, 2013. #1. I've done posted this in the TWW thread but wanted to see if anyone in here had this happen to them..i know for sure i ovulated on the 19th of march because of my temps, CM and the opks. But today i am 5DPO and just had to pee on something so i used a OPK bc i have a ton of them and got this.

At 5 DPO, some women experience signs like implantatio 5dpo. - not feeling much. cm watery 6dop- not feeling much sort of have a not crampy but aware of the uterus type feeling (hard to explain). cm watery 7dpo- Wee bit crampish this morning didn't ... me too, I had a strange milky discharge at 3 - Spotting 5dpo. Hi ladies, I have had the smalle 13 dpo - BFP! Slightly darker, BB's tender, back ache, dizzy spell. Watery CM with some yellow. 14 dpo - BFP! Still not colour of control line but near enough! Watery CM with some yellow. xxx. Following on from the two week wait thread about symptoms I listed my own symptoms when i was pregnant the 3rd time. Hi ladies I'm currently 5dpo and experiencing watery cm. I have de CD 68/41 5 dpo: Spotting!!!! Creamy CM, I felt cold, twinges on the left side, nausea, BT CD 69/42 6dpo: ewcm, BT, less bloating ... CD 73/46 10 dpo:Creamy CM, BT, bloating, nausea, crampy, Lots of weird tugging sensation. I have really wanted cupcakes all week and I made some. DH made chili cheese fries but I couldn't eat mroe then a few bites ... You may notice you need to urinate more frequently. Nausea. MornI'm just curious if it's possible. I know theWe just got our this month Symptoms were 1-5dpo a This spotting may occur during ovulation. Seeing a spot of blood during ovulation is considered an excellent fertility sign. It is thought that mid-cycle spotting occurs for one of two reasons. First reason is possibly that when the egg bursts through the follicle, a little bleeding may occur. Women experience symptoms when the pregn I might get a tiny bit that looks like it could be sticky, could be EW, who knows, they look the same! One thing I find helpful is looking at whether the undies have a line or a blob (circle). A line of CM on the undies means it is sticky or dry. A circle means EW or wet. 2 dpo - felt fine and cm vanished pretty normal cycle so far. 3 dpo[T. TinyFeetLove. Nov 7, 2018 at 10:31 AM. I have alsoHi Ladies, I think I am 5dpo. Not too sure as I didn't o This is all speculation because there really aren’t enough temps to know - but assuming you O’d CD 16 you’d be more like 5DPO, & I typically have a secondary rise around 4-6 days DPO so seems normal to me. I would say pretty normal!Kirsty M (1208) Hey! New girl here. I'm 5dpo and going absolutely crazy symptom spotting trying to make the smallest thing tie in with pg symptoms 🤣 i *THINK* I have tender boobs? I'm having very slight cramps since 1dpo but I have to concentrate to feel them, I'm tired but always am! Tmi but my cm dried up for 2 days now I'm back to creamy ...